Homeland Security Services provides a complete line of security and investigative services specializing in:

* Executive and Dignitary Protection

* Process-Service

* Uniformed and Non-uniformed Security Personnel

* Armed or Unarmed Site Security Personnel

* Off-Duty Certified Police Officers

* Security Consulting

* Vehicle Patrols

* High Rise Building and Apartment Complex Security

* Labor Disputes and Hostile Terminations

* Workman's Compensation Investigations and Surveillance

* Church and Funeral Home Security

* Senior Citizen / Nursing Home Security

* Construction Site Security and Asset Protection

* 20 Hour P.E.R.C. Card Training

Founded, owned and managed by law enforcement officers, and with vast law enforcement and military experience, all of Homeland Security Services clients can be assured that their personnel and assets are protected so that they focus on managing their business efficiently.

Homeland Security Services employs certified police officers and former military members on the training staff and continually conducts on the job training for all Homeland Security Services officers.

Homeland Security Services personnel are trained and certified. Homeland Security Services employees must pass a comprehensive background check and drug screening. Homeland Security Services has available, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, Special Response Units that can provide immediate response to any type of emergency.

Homeland Security Services is fully insured and licensed through the Illinois Department of Professional and Financial Regulation (Private Detective License #115.001974, Private Security Contractor License #119-001186, Private Detective Agency License #117.001396 and Private Security Contractor Agency License # 122.001063.)

At Homeland Security Services we are built on Loyalty, Professionalism and Integrity.

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